What We Do

Our product, IntelliAD,  eliminates the hassles encountered in waste management!

We help our customers to meet regulatory demands on efficient waste management by developing the World first autonomous, resilient and ultra-small scale organic waste digester for onsite waste recycling. with a UK patent filed.

IntelliAD completely and safely degrade food/kitchen waste to high quality biogas of the same value as natural gas, allowing our customers to use the same boiler for natural gas and biogas to generate clean energy.

Through IoT and integrated sensors embedded in IntelliAD, we are able to communicate with our customers on their recycling efficiency and heat decarbonisation empowering them to reduce food wastage.

Our aim is to efficiently convert every biodegradable waste to high value resource at the earliest possible time thereby capturing the whole resource value in them, reducing greenhouse gas emission and promoting circular economy.

Hassle recycling? Let's get you loving it!